Welcome to DNS Down

Program compatibility:  Windows 98, ME, XP,  32 bit.
Not tested on Vista or Windows 7 yet.
Please try compatibility mode in program properties and let us know!
Linux & Apple OSX use Well Known links
(DNSDown Version 2, server version on the way...)

Installation instructions

Step 1. Export your favorites/bookmarks as an html file.

Firefox:  Menu; Bookmarks/Organize Bookmarks/Import and Backup/Export HTML (REMEMBER WHERE you placed the file. We recommend C:\ )

Internet Explorer: File / Import and Export, run wizard to export favorites. (IE versions change everything. )

Step 2. DOWNLOAD executable, place in a folder you know and love, we recommend: c:\dnsdown,    Run(double click) dnsdown.exe, tell the program 'Yes', you have exported then tell the program where and what the filename is.

Hit the Edit hosts file button to edit, merge or backup your existing hosts file.

Then when ready to convert your bookmarks/favorites, hit the "Do it" button. (The hourglass will display for a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the number of links. Don't get impatient...)

THATS ALL THERE IS TO IT. But if you have questions, visit our FAQ and feel free to post questions.

You now have your own private DNS Cache.  If you want to monitor network status, DNS status, mail server status, etc. You can buy our new Network Management tool for the unheard of price of $29. (Available Qtr 1, 2010. Similar tools available for professional network admins' cost 1000's of dollars.)

Otherwise Please consider making a donation to our paypal account. So we can continue this valuable public service.




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