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Overthrown, The Death of America

The Book the "Left Behind" series SHOULD have been...

"Christian, you've been deceived by a fantasy, the fantasy of the modern day Pharisee's, the Rapture doctrine. Read it for yourself and quit depending on 'qualified' preachers, The Modern version of The Pharisees. They have turned you into complacent, apathetic sheep confident of a free ride, so why should you fight evil? If you're unwilling to fight God's spiritual battles, why again, do you think you deserve a 'get out of Dodge, Free' pass? Don't be part of the "Great Falling away", of the church, due to loss of faith when The Redeemer fails to show on YOUR schedule....  America is Mystery, Babylon, and may go down 'in one hour', hard times of tribulation are coming, are you ready?....Read these books and get a clue. "
-The old Web Dawg

Overthrown, The Death of America 
About the author:
Travis O. Dean is a working man with a wife, a son in college, a mortgage and the whole thing. He writes these stories in his spare time. He is a Bible believing Christian who finds the entire pre-tribulation rapture theory to be unscriptural and scripturally challenges everyone to examine why they believe, what they believe. As Peter said,
"be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is within you" 1 Peter 3:15

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Bandwidth costs alone, have made this necessary, not to mention, the Lord wants us to prosper on the labor of our hands. Travis O. Dean has paid a cost for being faithful in bringing these stories to you. He has been attacked by our adversary, and in four years has gone from being self employed to now having an income that is below the poverty level. He counts himself blessed to have been chosen to suffer for the cause of Christ, but can no longer afford to do this.
Learn the lesson of Freebies offered by those with "Sweet words on the tongue, will turn bitter in the belly". When something offered for 'free', is withdrawn because it cannot be sustained, you are the ones who will suffer.

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